The Second Chance Hiring Alliance (SCHA) creates more employment opportunities for justice-impacted individuals by educating and empowering D.C.-area employers.

We are a coalition of D.C. area employers and employment support providers who collaborate with justice-impacted job seekers.

Second Chance Hiring

“Second Chance Hiring” is the practice of hiring people with criminal records, including those who have experienced incarceration.

Our Core Tenets

By strengthening relationships and facilitating collaboration between prospective employers and the organizations that work directly with justice-impacted job seekers, and by raising awareness around the importance of second chance hiring, we believe we can significantly increase the numbers of justice-impacted individuals who are able to find sustainable-wage jobs and fulfilling careers.


Equipping D.C.-area employers with the tools and knowledge necessary to participate in second chance hiring.


Strengthening relationships between employers, job readiness programs, and government agencies to better support justice impacted job seekers.


Centering the voices of people with lived experiences in our materials, outreach, and activities.

Convened by the Council for Court Excellence, the D.C. SCHA engages stakeholders who touch every piece of the second chance hiring process. By bringing together these diverse perspectives and stakeholders, the SCHA is able to offer resources to address both the challenges employers face when hiring justice-impacted people, and the barriers justice-impacted people face when seeking employment.