What we do

The Second Chance Hiring Alliance (SCHA) develops evidence-based, person-centered approaches to increasing the second chance hiring practices of D.C.-area employers.

We do our work in four areas.

Second Chance Hiring

“Second Chance Hiring” is the practice of hiring people with criminal records, including those who have experienced incarceration.

Areas of our work

Educating employers

We educate employers on the business case for second chance hiring, and on the resources and incentives available to support second chance hiring initiatives and practices.

Providing employers with toolkits, tips, and technical advice

We provide employers with toolkits, tips, and technical advice on how to overcome common obstacles to hiring people with criminal records, thus increasing the pool of candidates that are eligible for employment.

Building and sharing knowledge

We share knowledge about the needs and concerns of key stakeholders (justice-impacted job seekers, employers, and employment support providers) through focus groups, surveys, and other forms of research, while staying up-to-date on important policy initiatives.

Creating opportunities for dialogue

We create opportunities for dialogue between D.C.-area employers and employment support providers, to share ideas, foster greater collaboration and connection, and ultimately create change.

SCHA helps justice-impacted residents get back on track post-system involvement.